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Muscovado Brûlée Tart

This tart comes with a disclaimer - it is unapologetically decadent, and enthrallingly addictive. The crisp and buttery mahleb-spiced sweet pastry melts in the mouth, giving way to the encased rich, muscovado custard in all its caramel glory. What’s more, the satisfying snap of the brûlée top adds a warming depth to the tart, with notes of treacle and caramac. 


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Zesty Lemon Tarts & Clotted Cream

This recipe is one of my favourites to prepare ahead, as once made, the lemon cream can be kept for up to a week in the fridge, and the pastry cases can be baked up to three days before serving. The two simply need to be combined on the day and given a couple of hours to set together. The lemon cream uses both lemon zest and juice for an extra citrus zing, which is complemented by the buttery, rich vanilla bean pastry. The pastry here also uses mahleb, a spice which derives from the ground seeds from of a special type of cherry, and has a delicious bitter almond flavour. 

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